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The popularity of bicycles has grown steadily in recent years. Bicycles are in demand - these are not only children's and professional bikes, but also fat bikes, folding and mountain models for those who are ready for an advanced level of riding. When choosing a bike, it is important to consider your needs and take technical characteristics into account.

So, if you will only ride in urban areas, do not bulky sports bikes. And if you choose to ride on rough terrain, look for models with good shock absorption and equipment.

Our online store always has bicycles from global manufacturers in stock. If you have not yet decided where to a bike: whether it be women's, men's or children's models, mountain or road, walking or sports, accessories or spare parts - go to our bike shop and you will definitely find what you are looking for. Just choose the type you want, and we will help with the rest. The VeloSite specialists ride professionally themselves and know absolutely everything about bicycles!

We sell bicycles, both inexpensive and premium brands, at prices lower than those of our competitors. With us you can really a bike at a low price. Study our offers, and you will notice that the prices for bicycles do not bite at all - look at the cost of bikes and accessories in our catalog and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Oftentimes, a bike turns out to be more difficult than expected due to the sheer choice. Mountain, urban, folding, women's, teenage and children's models are presented in our online store very widely. Bicycle shops offer a rich assortment, but only our consultants, based on their experience with bicycles and your requirements, will help you make a truly successful purchase. Trust our experts, who will tell you in detail about the model you like, its service, and help you calculate the size.

They are also ready to select accessories for you, replace and install them. We will carefully approach such an important issue as the purchase of spare parts and components. We guarantee you impeccable service and the lowest prices. Because bicycles are our vocation!

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